We care for people

  • This pillar is well-positioned and equipped to help our people with Health and Safety, addequate training and Human right. Employees work in safe and healthy conditions.
  • We focus on farmers: Besides, on our farmers and supplier network, we also have programs to expand their knowledge of harvesting, drying and processing the coffee grean bean to increase quality composition to make their production more sustainable and profitable.
We focus on enviroment

  • Focus on enviroment: To increase efficient use of water, energy, and agricultural inputs, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Limit the use of plant protection chemicals, choose suitable chemicals, which are less toxic to the environment.
Focus on social impact

  • Organize year-end charity programs, give gifts to poor people in communes of Gia Lai province. We have program to support farmers for a better living condition, then for a sustainable agriculture.

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